About Smart Columbus

The Smart Columbus Mobility Assistance for People with Cognitive Disabilities (MAPCD) Study works to support increased independence and autonomy in public transportation, to subsequently improve community access and quality of life. This objective is being achieved through education on and use of the WayFinder3 application. This app, created by AbleLink Technologies in Colorado Springs, CO, allows the user to interact with customized, step-by-step instructions for a walking, driving, or bus routes created to support their ability to commute within their normal daily life contexts, whether this is commuting from home to work, or between leisure actives and social engagements​. Individuals participating in this study complete a series of trainings designed to educate them on safety, smart phone use, use of the WayFinder application, and use of the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) fixed-bus route system. Once trainings are completed, the traveler or their travel partner (usually an immediate family member or caregiver) is trained on how to create customized routes using the WayFinder app and accompanying web portal. Finally, participants rehearse app use within the community setting with research personnel to practice integrating the app into real life.