How to Begin a Route

  1. Open the Wayfinder app
  2. If the route has not been downloaded, follow the instruction on how to download a route
  3. If the route has been downloaded, on the main screen of the Wayfinder app, scroll to find the route you would like to take
  4. Click on the route, a voice will say “Click one more time to open this route”
  5. Click on the route again to open the route
  6. Click the start button to begin the route
  7. If you are taking a fixed COTA bus route, the first direction will say to wait for the bus and the top of the screen will display a time until the next bus. If you are taking a walking, driving, Mainstream, or CABS route, the first direction will appear on the screen.
  8. If you need a direction repeated, tap anywhere on the screen that is not the “OK” button and the directions will repeat.

Download these instructions