Is there a cost to participate in the Smart Columbus study?

No! There is no cost associated with participation in the Smart Columbus study. All materials such as a smartphone, the app, and COTA bus passes will be provided to you.

Am I allowed to withdraw from this study at anytime?

Yes, travelers and travel partners are free to withdraw from this study any time they would like.

How can I get involved in this study?

Email Dr. Carmen DiGiovine at Carmen.Digiovine@osumc.edu with the subject line “Smart Columbus” to get more information on how to get involved in this study.

What types of trainings are involved in this study?

Each traveler consented in this study completes an initial assessment to evaluate their prior experiences with transportation, a safety training, smartphone training, Wayfinder app training, and COTA bus training. Trainings can be modified based on participant needs.

If I am having a problem using the app, who can I contact for help?

Most problems with the app can be resolved by either updating both the phone and the app, closing out of the app, or restarting the phone. If these troubleshooting strategies do not work, you can email AbleLink Tech at support@ablelinkteach.com or call 719-592-0347 and select option 2.

How long will I need to be involved in this study?
You will need to attend about 4-5 training sessions with research personnel and then you are able to enter implementation. During implementation, you will not need to meet with research personnel and are free to use the phone and app in your daily life. You will also be asked to complete a series of biweekly surveys about the app.
Are there any risks associated with participation in this study?
There is minimal risk associated with participation in this study and the risks involved do not exceed the risks regularly encountered in daily life while traveling in the community.