How many phases are in this study?

There are three phases: assessment, training, and implementation. The assessment phase was used to identify the traveler’s prior experiences with transportation. The training phase gave travelers background on safety, smartphone use, WayFinder app use, and bus use. The implementation phase consisted of travelers and travel partners using the WayFinder system on their own to create and travel on routes throughout their communities.

What types of trainings are involved in this study?

Each traveler consented in this study completed an initial assessment to evaluate their prior experiences with transportation, a safety training, smartphone training, WayFinder app training, and Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) fixed-bus route training. Traveler partners and travelers were trained on using the WayFinder app and online portal to create their own routes. Trainings were modified based on participant needs.

What are the components of the WayFinder System?

The WayFinder System consists of the WayFinder3 app itself, an online route builder, and online route repository, and an online tracker. The route repository is used as an online storage unit for routes so WayFinder users can share routes with other users. The tracker is used to track travelers while they are traveling on a route or to look back at previous routes taken by the travelers.

If I am having a problem using the WayFinder app, who can I contact for help?

Most problems with the app can be resolved by either updating both the phone and the app, closing out of the app, or restarting the phone. If these troubleshooting strategies do not work, you can email AbleLink Technologies at support@ablelinktech.com or call 719-592-0347 and select option 2.

If I want to learn more about the route builder, online repository, and/or online tracker, who do I contact?

Contact AbleLink Technologies at support@ablelinktech.com or call     719-592-0347 and select option 2.

How do I purchase the WayFinder app?

The WayFinder App is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How was participant feedback incorporated into this study?
Travelers who had completed trainings entered the implementation phase of the study. During implementation, travelers and travel partners completed biweekly surveys, focus groups, and exit interviews to provide their feedback to research personnel.
How can I learn more about this study?
If you are interested in this study and would like to learn more, please contact Dr. Carmen DiGiovine at Carmen.Digiovine@osumc.edu with “Smart Columbus” in the subject line.
I am a clinician and am interested in implementing the WayFinder system and trainings with my clients, how can I learn more?
For more information on implementing this program, contact Andy Wolpert at adwolpert@columbus.gov, Dan Davies at dan@ablelinktech.com, and Carmen DiGiovine at carmen.digiovine@osumc.edu.