IA LinkedIn Workshop ft. Jillian Kemper – 3/23/21

Jillian Kemper is a 4th-year Business Scholar and President of the Undergraduate Business Women’s Association who shared her knowledge on how to use LinkedIn effectively. As a Business major, she has used LinkedIn to build connections with Ohio State alumni and find internships and job opportunities for the future and it was helpful to hear from her on how I can use LinkedIn effectively. I have had a LinkedIn account for a year now and while I have learned a lot about how to set up my account and have used LinkedIn to build meaningful connections with alumni from IA Scholars, OSU, and other organizational involvements, it was nice to hear about ways I can improve my account. One thing that Jillian mentioned which really stuck out to me was to not focus on getting to the 500+ connections mark on LinkedIn, which is something that I had become fixated on, and rather cultivating your connections carefully and meaningfully because that milestone would gradually come in the future anyway. Whenever I now send or receive LinkedIn connections, I am more cognizant of building a network for the future and ensuring that those I am connecting with are those with who I can actually connect with.

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