IA Interviewing Workshop with CCSS – 2/2/21

Another event I organized this semester was an Interviewing Workshop that was led by Ryan Wilhelm from the office of Career Counseling and Support Services(CCSS). Ryan also led a workshop on Networking for IA last semester, so it has been great to build a connection with him and the office of CCSS to host Professional Development events for IA that will help IA members learn Professional Development basics and also become aware of external resources on campus that can help them achieve their Professional Development goals. Ryan discussed all the aspects of how to best present yourself in an interview, which included dressing professionally, zoom interview etiquette(which is increasingly relevant), and what to expect in an interview. One of his points that really stuck out to me was the idea of a staircase approach, which is the idea that you start an interview describing how your specific life experiences and traits have led you to pursue the role you are interviewing for and how your current and future experiences will help you climb up each step on the staircase to reach your professional goals. This approach can be used as you further along each interview question to ensure that they all have a larger connection to your main message. This was a new approach to interviewing that I had not heard before, so I look forward to applying this idea the next time I have an interview for a position.

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