In my teaching I aim to develop classes that help students understand and apply the theoretical principles and scholarly work in communication to the wider world. My hope is that my students become critical thinkers ready to tackle the biggest issues in communication, politics, journalism and technology, as well as developing skills and experiences that make them competitive in the work place.

Beneath are quotes from anonymous student evaluations of my teaching:

“He is extremely kind and welcoming to all students and really pushed and encourages them to think outside the box. He knows how to challenge his students without pushing them over the edge.”

“I have grown so much from this course and can’t wait to use what I’ve learned.”

“George has shown me a different side of journalism and has changed my perspective on media.”

“George will always be an instructor of note when I look back at my time at Ohio State. He truly cares about the well being and success of his students. He took a course that is intellectually challenging and made it manageable and practical for his students.”

“George’s method of teaching, through online and in class lectures, has helped me progress immensely as a writer.”

“George Pearson in my opinion highly engages with the class he is teaching and makes the material being taught very interesting by tying in real life aspects to further show importance to the material being taught. Truly an enjoyable class taught very well and one of the best instructors I have ever had here at The Ohio State University.”

Class Syllabi

Beneath are all the classes I have taught along with the syllabi used for each course.

Summer 2019 – Comm 3163: Communication Industry Research Methods

Summer 2018 – Comm 3163: Communication Industry Research Methods

Spring 2018 – Comm 2221: Media Writing & Editing

Autumn 2017 – Comm 2221: Media Writing & Editing

Summer 2017 – Comm 3440: Mass Communication & Society (Online)

Summer 2016 – Comm 3444: Advertising & Society (Online)

Autumn 2015 – Comm 2221: Writing for Strategic Communication

Summer 2015 – Comm 2221: Writing for Strategic Communication

Spring 2015 – Comm 4820: Public Opinion & Communication

Autumn 2014 – Comm 1100: Introduction to Communication (TA Position)