Which is better, (opt) 1 or (opt) 2?

How am I already an Opt II? It seems like just yesterday I was struggling through 1st year classes, learning how to drive around Columbus, making new friends, and learning how to live a whole new lifestyle.

I will say a summer off was much needed. First year took a lot out of all of us. I think one of the best things about first year is the transformation we all see in one another. There’s an amazing growth we all experience, not just in academics, but in who we are as people, future clinicians, friends, loved ones, etc. We grow because of all the new experiences and people we encounter.

Starting off second year, I was nervous that my summer had lead me to forget a lot of the information I learned first year… But how could I forget spherical equivalents, blepharospasms, taking visual acuities, etc. I’m truly amazed at how much information myself and everyone else has retained. I’m also grateful for my education here at OSU. Our school and its professors and doctors have an incredible ability to educate and turn students into the future’s best clinicians.

Thus far, second year has been great for many reasons, the #1 reason being that we get to practice being real optometrists and learn clinical procedures! Wearing our white coats so often and dressing in clinic attire feels so awesome. Being in pre-clinic makes us realize that we are indeed closer to being optometrists (don’t worry first years, it gets better). Some of the most satisfying moments are when you watch a clinical technique being performed (for example, getting your corneal beam in focus on the slit lamp), and then you are able to perform that task with success multiple times. I’ll admit that I gasped a little when I saw the corneal epithelium (thank goodness we’re all optometry nerds here). I digress…

This year has a different feel to it already, and while I’m nervous for all the practicals, I’m ecstatic to see where this year takes me and to experience more growth alongside all of my wonderful peers. Class of 2021, we’re off to a great start. Just remember, eyes on the prize (pun intended).