It’s the Final Countdown!

Where has the time gone?! It seems like just yesterday we were all anxiously awaiting our first day of classes, or perhaps awkwardly introducing ourselves to a plethora of people, classmates, professors, upperclassmen, etc.

All I know is that I’m pretty grateful that what they say is the hardest year of almost any graduate/medical program is almost coming to a close! I think I’m most grateful & excited because like my classmates, I am SO ready for white coat ceremony. It feels amazing to know we haveĀ earned that white coat. We’ve put in countless upon countless hours of class, lab, studying, review sessions, etc. Perhaps that is why time has flown!

This second semester, in my opinion, has been better than first since we have a grip on what needs to be done to succeed. We’ve all found what studying techniques work for us, we’ve explored more of Columbus, found those study spots that don’t get old, found the people we love to vibe & study with, we’ve found our (stem cell) niche… I had to throw that nerdy pun in there.

Second semester has still been full of challenges! From exams being more difficult, different material, being in clinic, and ordering our hefty amount of equipment, life has not slowed down! However, I have realized more and more the importance of taking time for yourself. It may seem that all your classmates ever do is study (and for some, that’s true), and you may try to do the same because if you don’t, you feel like something is “wrong.” This whole feeling is something I have completely learned to overcome. Whether it’s taking time to workout, go to my new favorite bakery, Cherbourg in Bexley (shout out to Kristen for the suggestion), watch some Netflix, take a walk, walk around Target, meal prep, these are all CRITICAL to survival. Life is hard, but it’s the little things that help so much!

Something else I have learned from second semester is the importance of more advocacy for Optometry. I have encountered a myriad of people who have almost no clue what our profession entails. From family members, to nurses at the doctors office, to friends, it’s been a fun and interesting task trying to educate the public. I feel as if I have a few new catchphrases such as, “Optometrists are doctors too!” or “No, we don’t go to school for a year or two, it’s four years, plus more for residency!” or one of my favorites, “We’re not just here to ask you which is better, 1 or 2?”. My passion has grown even further for the profession, and I feel so blessed & grateful to be at The Ohio State University. So here’s to the final countdown, our last free summer, becoming real doctors, making an impact, and pursuing the dream. Proud to be a buckeye! Proud to be a future optometrist!