Second Semester Showdown

It’s seems like just yesterday we were on break, snuggled up at home or maybe laying on a beach with family members… Yet, now we find ourselves back in the swing of things, living our fast paced lives, ready (or not because here it comes…) for second semester of our first year!

Walking again into Fry for the first time after break was rather refreshing once I got to see the friends I missed and listen to the stories of their winter breaks. Reconnecting before we jumped into classes was just what the doctor ordered. However, it didn’t take long for professors to hand us work, lecture for 3 hours straight, or for us to be asked if we’re “sleepy already?!”. But that’s okay!

As second semester is well underway, it’s filled with slight more relaxation since we have the first semester under out belts. It feels satisfying and reassuring to know we have made it one step further to our degree. Though the journey is long, there’s always an adventure around the corner… Speaking of adventure, it’s pledge week for those of us joining Epsilon Psi Epsilon, and I could not think of a better way to jump back into school than with some fun on the side. ΕΨΕ is the only optometry fraternity in the nation, and we are so lucky to have it here at The Ohio State College of Optometry! ΕΨΕ is a phenomenal way to connect with more peers, especially those you don’t sit with during class, and it’s even more wonderful to get to know some of the upperclassmen better.

It may feel like all we do is study, but ΕΨΕ gives us the opportunity to take a step back and interact with those who we share the profession with. It allows us to grow in camaraderie and show a little more of our buckeye spirit!

Most of all, I think each of us is especially looking forward to the white coat ceremony. Our sizes have been taken, embroidery has been ordered, and we are ready to feel like true up-and-coming optometrists, especially since we’ve had our first taste of clinic! Though most of us were nervous, with the help and patience of our attendings and 3rd year students, we were pleasantly surprised at the enjoyment and learning opportunities presented to us.

So bring it on second semester! OptI’s are ready for you!