February Community Ambassador Street Events

February Community Ambassador Street Events:

February 11th: Recycling Do’s and Don’ts on 15th Avenue and High Street from 4-5:30pm.

February 12th: Random Acts of Sweetness on Chittenden and High Street and 12th Avenue and High Street from 2-4pm

February 12th: VaLANEtine’s Day at 136 E Lane Ave from 4pm-5pm

February 17th: City Resources and Insomnia Cookies at 2pm on 14th Avenue and Pearl

February 23rd: Party Tips and Pizza Strips on 16th and Pearl from 11am-1pm

February 24th: Join West 8th Avenue CA Coco for a Campus Scavenger Hunt starting at 3pm!

February 25th: Trail Mix and Health Tips on Neil and Northwood and at Harrison Apartments starting at 6pm

February 26th: Smart Drinking, Good Thinking starting at 1pm on 13th Avenue and Pearl

February 27th: 311 App with Apps on West 9th Avenue and Hunter from 11am-1pm

February 27th: Do’s and Doughnuts of Partying on Woodruff and Waldeck from 12pm-2pm

Come join your Community Ambassadors at their street events to learn about university and community resources, safety, recycling and more!