Meuti Lab at the Denman

Today Claire Allison and Vivian Chang represented the Meuti Lab at Ohio State’s annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. This year the competition was limited to only 200 applicants, and both Claire and Vivian worked to secure their spots early on. Claire presented her research on how seasonal conditions affect the size and gene expression in male accessory glands. 

Vivian presented her work demonstrating that circadian transcription factors play a critical role in mosquito overwintering. Best of all, Vivian won first place in her research category! 🙂Congratulations to both of these amazing students! 🙂

PI Meuti travels to Canada

PI Meuti was invited to give a seminar in the Biology Department of Western University in London, Ontario. In addition to experiencing the cold and beauty of the Canadian winter and the warmth and excitement of stimulating scientific conversation, Megan got hold a hibernating ground squirrel (pictured below!) and observe snowy owls in their natural habitat. Needless to say, it was a fantastic visit! Thanks to the Sinclair lab and all of the other brilliant and kind Biology students and faculty for a truly lovely time!