Recent Publication

Our manuscript entitled “Circadian transcription factors differentially regulate features of the adult overwintering diapause in the Noerthern house mosquito, Culex pipiens” has just been published online. Click here for a link. This represents the work done by undergraduate Vivian Chang during her research thesis. Congratulations to Vivian on her first, first-authored publication!

Basement lab in response to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our research projects are on hold. Fortunately, however, we have received approval from Ohio State University to continue to care for our mosquitoes in the lab, and thanks to approval from Megan’s family, we also have approval to have a small basement lab to rear additional mosquitoes. Here’s hoping that none escape!


SEEDS grant winners

A big congratulations to Master’s student Caitlin Peffers and undergraduate student Olivia Bianco for winning independent competitive SEEDS grants from the Ohio Agricultural Research Development Center! Caitlin’s grant will allow her to wrap up her work in characterizing the daily protein abundance of circadian transcription factors and to conduct additional studies using RNA interference. Olivia’s grant will allow her to continue evaluating how feeding royal jelly affects seasonal responses and the metabolome of mosquitoes. Well done ladies, and very well-deserved! 🙂

Derek takes on Denman

Today undergraduate student researcher Derek Huck presented all of the exciting work that he has been doing on the effects of male nutrition on mosquito reproductive physiology at Ohio State’s annual Denman Undergraduate Research forum. Derek did an outstanding job and was supported by members of his family, and even placed in his competitive research category. Congratulations to Derek! 🙂

Meuti lab par-tay

Today we came together as a group to de-stress from classes and exams and enjoy some delicious food. Megan prepared some appetizers, baked potato soup, tortilla soup, cookies and raspberry cheesecake, but the favorite dish of the night was the venison chili prepared by Megan’s long suffering husband Matt.


Today Meuti Lab members Lydia Fyie and Derek Huck presented at the Annual Meeting of the OhioValley Entomological Association. Both gave outstanding presentations and Lydia even placed first in the combined Masters and Undergraduate Research Category. Congratulations to both!

Welcome Alden!

Alden Siperstein officially joined the Meuti Lab. He will be working on an NIH-funded project to determine which genes are expressed in biting vs. non-biting forms of the Northern house mosquito. We are so excited to have him!

Devante wraps up research

Today, Summer Research Opportunities Program, Devante Simmons presented his work in the Meuti lab as both a poster and an oral presentation. He did a fantastic job telling the world about our preliminary success in generating mutant mosquitoes using CRISPR/Cas9 genome-editing technologies, and he was well-supported by members of the lab. Well done Devante, but we are all going to miss your infectious smile and positivity!



Touch a Bug, Make a Friend!

Today Graduate Student Caitlin Peffers (left) and PI Meuti (right) visited Medina Middle School, a Columbus public school serving diverse and immigrant students. We first shared some information on how we became interested in entomology, our educational and career paths, and job opportunities in entomology and other STEM fields. Then we passed around some really cool insects and other arthropods, asked and answered questions about their biology. Best of all, students got to touch and hold them. As you can see, it was quite a hit!


Tick tock: Tick Talk Outreach at COSI’s first Science Festival

Today members of the recently formed Tick Task Force, including PI Meuti, participated in a largescale outreach event at the first ever Science Festival at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, Ohio.  At the event, we handed out tick ID card, showed people how to properly remove ticks using large models and showed people what real ticks look like using microscopes and 3D printed models.

Highest kuddos go to Dr. Sarah Short for leading the task force and for developing the cards and designing the tick models.

Best of all, we had some special visitors drop by the booth (after all, it was May the 4th).