Congratulations to OVEA Winners!

This year all members of the Meuti Lab participated in the Ohio Valley Entomological Association (OVEA) conference!

Meuti lab undergraduate researcher, Vivian Chang, placed first for her work characterizing the expression and role of two clock proteins in mosquito overwintering.

Meuti lab undergraduate researcher Claire Allison presented her research on the rate of accessory gland development in male mosquitoes.

Master’s student Caitlin Peffers also gave a great presentation of her undergraduate research at Michigan State, which laid the groundwork for characterizing the pheromone biosynthesis pathway in spotted wing fruit flies.

Master’s student, Lydia Fyie, placed second for research that she completed at Kalamazoo College that evaluated the distribution of native and invasive crayfish in Lake Eerie.

Collectively these 4 stellar researchers were in the top 6 in the undergraduate category against stiff competition from 12 other undergraduate researchers!