This picture shows how I folded a t-shirt with one hand. As you can see, it is not folded well as it has wrinkles and creases and is uneven in general.

This time I folded the shirt with both hands and it looks much better.

I tried putting on a hoodie with one hand but had a hard time fitting my large head into the small head hole with one hand.

In this picture, I attempted to sweep the floor of my kitchen. As you can see, I tried to be a little creative and use my foot to hold the dustpan in place, but it was not ideal and I spilled dust and crumbs everywhere. 🙁

In these pictures, I took two typing tests to understand how losing a hand would impact my typing speed. My initial two-handed speed was 87 words a minute, where with only one hand my speed was cut by more than half to only 27 words a minute.








One of our tasks was one-handed gaming. For this task, I used a controller and attempted a claw grip style, something that physically impaired gamers often use. The change was so drastic that it was virtually impossible for me to play like I would with both hands.






In this photo, I tried putting in contact lenses. The hardest part about doing it with one hand was opening the container and getting the contact out. Actually putting it in my eye with only one hand was relatively easy.






I found it extremely difficult to wash my hands with only one. The only easy part was using the faucet- applying soap and lathering all with one hand was really tough and took quite a bit of time. I do not think I did a good job.

I also found it tough to get a new trash bag liner wrapped around the lid of the bin. I ended up having to actually get in the trash can in order to get it placed around the lid.

But I’ll tell ya, nothing was more infuriating than trying to open a jar one-handed. I couldn’t even do it.

In this photo, I was trying to tie my shoes with only one hand. But it is literally impossible to do that.

Cutting vegetables with one hand was easier than I thought, though the vegetables were everywhere cause I couldn’t hold it. But at least it is possible.

Folding toilet paper with one hand is pretty easy. To be honest, I sometime would do that if one of my hands is holding my cell phone.

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