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Car Wash for Hands – Aaron

This design works similar to the previous one, however it’s key difference is its minimal use of moving parts. Instead of having rotating wipers like you see in an actual car wash, this design utilizes nylon fibers (like in toothbrushes) combined with water jets to both wash and scrub your hand. The soap dispenser mixes into a water solution that is propelled from both the top and bottom. With bristles also on both top and bottom, the user simply moves hand side to side then pulls out slowly when the heated blow dryer on the outside dries the hand upon exit.




Bottle with Cloth – Rahul










This will work like a normal spray bottle, but instead of using a cloth in your other hand, you can just use the bottom of the bottle on the surface you are cleaning. The cloth can easily be detached and washed when necessary and then reattached to the bottle.


Loofah on a Stick – Jay

There are products of Loofah on a stick, but this one we designed is especially for people with only one hand. Consider the situation that it is difficult for people with hand to clean every corner of their body and easy task like putting body wash on the loofah, this loofah on a stick can solve both these two problems easily. As long as they push the button, the body wash in the stick will be squeezed into the loofah for use.


Dustpan Shoe Attachment – Logan

“Slide”-style shoe made from recycled plastics with a plastic dustpan attached to the front of the shoe. Both the shoe and dustpan are one piece rather than separate pieces that need assembly. The dustpan slopes in toward the toe of the shoe to keep debris in while walking.


At first, we had a difficult time finding eight new ideas and variations to build on. Since during our preliminary brainstorming stage, we came up with a lot of ideas (some good, some bad) but we were able to narrow it down to our four best ideas. After looking at the feedback we were given, we made a few changes to our designs and made them better. We also had to come up with new ideas which was difficult for us as well. However, we knew that we needed new ideas because unfortunately during our research phase we did not see that one of our ideas was already invented. In the end, we put our heads together and thought of another few ideas and built on them by bouncing ideas off each other and narrowing it down to what we thought were the best ideas.

So far our final concepts look promising, some of them seem difficult to prototype (the car wash for hands) but if we get creative enough it won’t be too much of a problem. The other ideas seem easy enough to prototype and it will be interesting to see how they turn out.

As mentioned earlier, the main concern we have is prototyping the car wash for hands. It is a complicated idea that has a lot of moving parts in it (water, soap, dryer, etc.) and each part needs to be timed out to be used at the right time. Obviously it would be hard to implement all of these parts in the prototype, but at least having the dispensers ready (without the timing component of course) is something that we would like to work towards. Overall, we have some good ideas going and hopefully, we end up in the right place and continue making improvements on our ideas.



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