Car Wash for Hands – Aaron

The “Car Wash for Hands” is a product that attempts to help impaired individuals, who only have one usable arm, be able to wash their single hand. Hand washing is something that we often overlook, and is a task that is made easy because each hand is able to wash the other. With access to only one hand, getting a sanitary all-around wash can be pretty difficult. As seen in the photos, the prototype is a sort of washing box. You get your soap in your hands from a dispenser, and then place the hand in the box. Moving your hand back and forth, you’re able to get a full scrub that reaches all areas of the hand that would normally only be possible with two hands. The prototype demonstrates the products modular design, as the main components are made to be easily taken apart for cleaning (dishwasher safe!). To keep the product sturdy we’ve added a gripping material to the bottom. In the future, the product would have more weight to it which would further help with the problem of keeping it in place.

Spray Bottle with Cloth – Rahul










The “Cloth Bottle” is a cloth and spray bottle combination product that lets a person with one hand clean their countertops with ease. Instead of having to handle both a spray bottle and a rag or towel, there is a fitted Swiffer pad that goes on the bottom of the bottle. The pad is attached by a magnet for easy removal and replacement.


Loofah on a Stick – Jay


This is a side view and a view from back. The second picture shows that people can fill body wash into the stick and thus can use it while bathing conveniently. This product can solve the problem that Frey cannot clean his body thoroughly and the difficulty of squeezing body wash.

Dustpan Shoe Attachment – Logan

“Slide”-style shoe with a [cardboard] dustpan attached to the front of the shoe.

The dustpan slopes in toward the toe of the shoe to keep debris in while walking. Held together using tape, for now. This idea will (in theory) solve the problem of using both a broom and dustpan simultaneously (requiring two hands typically)