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Ohio needs Congressional gerrymandering reform (Op-Ed) Newark Advocate 11/25/17

600+ companies are bidding to build Trump’s ‘border wall’—including one from Mexico CNBC 3/16/17

Border walls aren’t unheard of, but today they increasingly divide friends, not enemies Los Angeles Times 1/31/17.
[also reprinted in Toronto Star 2/3/17]

Barriers, just one element of border enforcement (Op-Ed) Newark Advocate 12/10/16

Trump’s wall would be hard to build – even if Mexico pays Christian Science Monitor 4/6/16

Ohio State Newark border expert calls Trump wall plan “questionable” Morrow County Sentinel 4/2/16

Mapping the heavens from Newark (Op-Ed) Newark Advocate 11/23/15

Geographic literacy as critical as reading (Op-Ed) Newark Advocate 11/29/14