DHS request Feb. 2019 for assistance from DoD Pursuant to 10 U.S.C. § 284 .jpg (summary map) .pdf (w/ additional details) [updated 6/18/19]

DHS border barrier legal waivers
– waiver listing .html format incl. count (ttl. by Pres., by DHS Sec.) [updated 1/5/21]
– handout (8.5″ x 11″) .pdf [1/7/21]
– details on Feb. 20, 2020 waiver .pdf [2/20/20]
– poster (42″ x 36″) with full description of laws waived .pdf [10/23/19]
– general reference map .pdf [6/20/19] CA [3/6/20] AZ [ ], NM [ ], TX [ ]
The poster includes the precise legal wording used for each law waived as well as the mileage covered by each waiver. The handout is the short popular title only, something that may not be clear from the waiver itself except for the bracketed explanations, and includes summary statistics .  Numbering on the poster relates to the order in which a particular determination lists the laws being waived, whereas numbering on the handout is simply a top-to-bottom order (as assembled together on the poster) used to standardize comparison.  The general reference map is a quick visual with minimal reference information showing where waivers have been proclaimed – specific determinations are differentiated by color but there is no legend.  See state and county detail maps below for additional information.

U.S. Border Barriers & Department of Homeland Security Waivers by State

California.jpg  .pdf
– San Diego waivers  .jpg (summary map) .pdf (w/ additional details) [updated 2/13/19]
– Duke Calexico waiver 9/12/17  .jpg  .pdf

Arizona.jpg  .pdf

New Mexico
– Nielsen Santa Teresa waiver 1/22/18  .jpg (summary map)  .pdf  (w/ photos & waiver text) [updated 2/6/18]

Texas = 182.7 mi. of waiver covering 233.2 mi. of boundary = 18.2%
– El Paso Co. = 42.4 mi. of waiver covering 42.4 mi. boundary = 89.8% [map forthcoming]
– Hudspeth Co. = 24.9 mi. of waiver covering 25.0 mi. boundary = 21.4% [map forthcoming]
– Presidio Co. = 9.2 mi. of waiver covering 9.2 mi. boundary = 4.7% [map forthcoming]
– Val Verde Co. = 2.5 mi. of waiver covering 2.5 mi. boundary = 2.3% [see map below #]
– Maverick Co. = 2.2 mi. of waiver covering 2.2 mi. boundary = 2.5% [see map below #]
– Webb Co. = no waivers, but some barrier construction in Laredo area [see map below #]
– Starr Co. = 17.8 mi. of waiver covering 18.4 mi. boundary = 26.8%
— — .jpg (summary map) .pdf (w/ additional details) [updated 7/25/19]
– Hidalgo Co. = 41.1 mi. of waiver covering 62.6 mi. boundary = 65.1%
— — .jpg (summary map)  .pdf (w/ additional details) [updated 7/25/19]
– Cameron Co. = 42.7 mi. of waiver covering 71.0 mi. boundary = 60.4%
— — .jpg (summary map) .pdf (w/ additional details) [updated 7/25/19]
– border counties not listed are not covered by any waiver segments
– land behind border barriers .pdf [updated 4/11/19]
— — # includes Val Verde, Maverick, Webb, Starr, Hidalgo, and Cameron counties
– see handout/poster links below for details on how waiver coverage is calculated

* Mileage calculated from maps created prior to Dec. 2017 (i.e. state-wide CA & AZ maps above) over-estimate actual distances due to a projection error.  Percentages are still largely correct, however.  Corrected maps are forthcoming.

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