GEOG 2750 – World Regional Geography
An examination of the human and physical geographic structure of all world regions, defined primarily at the continental scale. Examines regions in global context.  This class meets GEC requirements for 2) Breadth B) Social Science 3) Human, Natural, and Economic Resources.  It also meets 4) Diversity B) International Issues [Non-Western or Global].  Spring 2019 [all classes are hybrid sections, half online, in-person Tues. only]: 8:00-9:20a  (#15259, also co-listed as Honor-embedded #34091) and 9:35-10:55a (#31333).  Autumn 2019 [tentative, all classes are in-person Tues. & Thurs.]: 8:00-9:20a (#TBD) and 9:35-10:55a (#TBD).  This class is sometimes also occasionally offered as an honors course.  Most semesters this class offers an extra credit opportunity to video-conference with students in Egypt as part of The American University in Cairo’s Dialogue Project and/or a Saturday field trip to “global” sites in Columbus.  Other classes below incorporate local field trips during normal meeting times.

GEOG 3750 – Geography of North America
Geographical analysis of North America; spatial patterns and processes associated with culture, politics, economy and social difference at international, national, regional and urban scales.  This class meets GEC requirements for 4) Diversity A) Social Diversity in the United States.  Offered in Fall 2018 by B. Mazzocco. In recent offerings this course incorporated an optional Service Learning component (in lieu of a research paper) and an opportunity to distribute $2,000 in charitable funds made available through Ohio Campus Compact.

GEOG 3600 – Space, Power and Political Geography
Political geographic thought; territory and territoriality; borders and scale; space, power and uneven development; states and statecraft; and the politics of nations, regions and localities.  This class meets GEC requirements for 2) Breadth; B) Social Science; 2) Organizations and Polities.  Spring 2019: Tues. & Thurs. 11:10a-12:30p (#28152).

GEOG 3597.03/ENGL3597.03 – Environmental Citizenship
Provides tools for environmental citizenship by teaching interdisciplinary perspectives on biophysical/sociocultural forces that shape environments. Addresses general processes through local case studies. There are currently no plans to offer this course in 2018-2019. Co-taught with D. B. Ruderman.

You will need some or all of the above courses if you are pursuing a degree in Integrated Social Studies or Middle Childhood Education, or a minor in geography (specialization in urban, regional, and global studies) on the Newark Campus.  You may also want take some of these classes in preparation for attending the Columbus campus to major in geography.  For more information, consult an academic advisor.

ASC 1101 – Islam in Film
While we generally think of film as entertainment, it is also a reflection as well as a critique of society.  This class explores how film in the U.S. and abroad portrays Islam and the lives of Muslims as a means of better understanding both others and ourselves.  Lessons learned are designed to provide insight to a reading of The Submission by Amy Waldman, the Buckeye Book Community common reading for 2013-2014.  This class was taught ONLY in Autumn 2013.  If you are interested, however, feel free to contact me and perhaps we can arrange an independent study on the topic.

Geography classes generally taught in Newark by other faculty include GEOG 1900 (Extreme Weather and Climate), GEOG 2100 (Human Geography), GEOG 2400 (Economic and Social Geography), GEOG 2800 (Our Global Environment).

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