In the News (interviews and citations)

4/30/22 – The Border Wall is Outliving Trump. The New Yorker (S. Taladrid) [data citation]

3/13/21 – Work Halted on $49M-per-mile Border Wall Through California’s Jacumba Wilderness. Now What? Palm Springs Desert Sun (M. Olalde)

2/10/21 – From ‘Pause’ to ‘Reverse’: What Lies Ahead for Stopping Trump’s Border Wall and Fixing the Damage. Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA). (A. Isacson)

1/28/21 – Biden Faces Call to Heal Environmental and Cultural Scars of Trump Border Wall. The Guardian (N. Lakhani) [data citation]

1/16/21 – ‘My Neighbourhood is Being Destroyed to Pacify his Supporters’: The Race to Complete Trump’s Wall. The Guardian (S. Gilbert)

12/11/20 – Contractors Dynamite Mountains, Bulldoze Desert In Race To Build Trump’s Border Wall. NPR (J. Burnett)

2/25/20 – Webb County and Laredo Coming Face to Face with the Reality of a Border Wall. The Texas Tribune (J. Aguilar)

2/18/20 – Trump Is Trampling Dozens of Laws to Build His Border Wall Slate (M.J. Stern)

1/14/20 – Border Wall Threatens National Wildlife Refuge That’s Been 40 Years In The Making. NPR (J. Burnett, M. Peñaloza)

10/31/19 – ‘That is how you cause extinction’: Border wall threatens desert ecology, conservationists say. El Paso Times (L. Villagran)

10/13/19 – Border Wall Rising In Arizona, Raises Concerns Among Conservationists, Native Tribes. NPR (J. Burnett)

Cemeteries and memories stand in border wall’s way Associated Press 5/30/19 [also available through other sources, e.g. PBS News Hour, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson), Philadelphia Inquirer)]

Community Accent Refreshing 90.9 (Lancaster, OH) 3/22/19 [new link, now on Facebook]

US Mexico Border Sinclair Community College (Facebook) 2/21/19

“Border Barriers” Exhibit Opens at Dayton Peace Museum WDTN-TV (Dayton, OH) 2/16/19 [also featured on WRGT-TV (Dayton, OH)]

Where the new law permits — and prevents — border barriers The Washington Post 2/15/19 [map credit]

Where new border barriers will be erected in the Rio Grande valley The Washington Post 2/10/19 [map credit]

A Closed Border Gate Has Cut Off Three Tohono O’odham Villages from Their Closest Food Supply Pacific Standard 2/7/19

If Trump gets wall money, nearly half of border could be covered by barriers by 2027 ABC 6 (Columbus, OH) 1/10/19 [distributed through Sinclair Broadcast Group; also available through other sources e.g. CBS 6 (Albany, NY), ABC 3 (Pensacola, FL), Fox 26 (Fresno,  CA)]

Trump no cede y exige fondos para completar dos tercios restantes del muro La Tercera (Santiago, Chile) 12/27/18

Interior Dept. officials downplayed federal wildlife experts’ concerns about Trump’s border wall, documents show The Washington Post 12/10/18

Zinke touts immigration enforcement on public lands E&E News / Energy Wire 11/13/18

Ocelots, Butterflies in Path of Border Wall: As DHS waives its way across Texas, Congress is rethinking a thirteen-year-old law CQ Roll Call 9/21/18

Trump blasts GOP spending plan that lacks money for wall U.S. News & World Report 9/20/18 [photo contribution; distributed through AP; also available on other sites, e.g. Western Journal, Nebraska TV]

Exhibit showcases images of Mexico border walls, fences Washington Post 9/19/18 [review of exhibit; distributed through AP; also available on other sites, e.g. WOSU Public Media, 10TV]

Exhibit showcases images of Mexico border walls, fences Washington Times 8/19/18 [upcoming announcement; distributed through AP, also available on other sites]

Face the State with Scott Light 10TV (Columbus, OH) 2/11/18

Madsen Explores Border Issues While on Sabbatical The Ohio State at Newark Profiles November 2017

Border barriers: Could a wall really make the U.S. safer? Ohio State Insights October 2017

600+ companies are bidding to build Trump’s ‘border wall’—including one from Mexico CNBC 3/16/17

Border walls aren’t unheard of, but today they increasingly divide friends, not enemies Los Angeles Times 1/31/17 including my photograph of border wall in Douglas, AZ [article also reprinted as Why nations are fencing off their neighbours — even the ones they call friends The Toronto Star 2/3/17]

Trump’s wall would be hard to build – even if Mexico pays Christian Science Monitor 4/6/16

Ohio State Newark border expert calls Trump wall plan “questionable” Morrow County Sentinel 4/2/16


How geography explains the diffusion of the coronavirus, Newark Advocate, 1/17/21

Reducing our disposable plastic use in Licking County Newark Advocate 12/29/19

Is the border really more unlawful than Newark? Newark Advocate 12/30/18

Ohio needs Congressional gerrymandering reform Newark Advocate 11/25/17

Barriers, just one element of border enforcement Newark Advocate 12/10/16

Mapping the heavens from Newark Newark Advocate 11/24/15

Geographic literacy as critical as reading Newark Advocate 11/29/14