Ultrasound! Having fun in medical school through music!



I was part of the ultrasound acapella group during my first and second year of medical school. It was a blast!!! Here is a picture of us singing on stage for Nite Out! This was a super fun experience during 1st and 2nd year. It let me get out of the class room and decompress from the stresses of medical school. I realized early on that devoting all my time towards medical studies would cause me to burn out very quickly. Therefore, I sought to join a group that would help me escape these stresses. Ultrasound turned out to be the perfect group for me. I made a lot of good friends and also had fun singing! My favorite performance was our Disney Medley pictured above! This experience will help me moving forward because residency will be hard. It will be nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. I will need to look for things outside medicine to keep myself from burning out. Especially in the field of emergency medicine. This experience has really prepared me to look for things outside of medicine.

I would have wished to participate in this during 3rd and 4th year, but time on rotations did not allow me to practice with the group. Generally, the group is only has 1st and 2nd years due to the practice schedule. Regardless, I had a lot of fun and will cherish this memory of medical school

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