BDLS certificate



This BDLS certificate represents my certification for the BDLS course offered at Ohio State. I think this is a very important course for my career development. I am going to become emergency medicine physician so being familiar with with disaster medicine will be a huge plus. I am extremely glad that I did this course because it will give me important background and foundations for residency! Not everyone in medical school gets this opportunity and I think it is a very special opportunity. As I reflect on the course, I think it gave me really good insight into what happens in a disaster. I also learned a lot about SALT triage protocol, how to do the most good to the most number of people.


As I look at the LSi objectives covered, I believe that the course greatly adds to my medical knowledge. The knowledge that I gained is very different than what I got during my 3rd year during my core rotations. Therefore I am categorizing this artifact as Medical Knowledge and Skills. I also believe that this course educated me on understanding the physicians’ role in a disaster and also what resources are available during an event. Therefore, i believe it also qualifies as systems-based practice


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