Asian Free Clinic

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Volunteered at the Asian Free Clinic as a student coordinator for 2012-2013. Was a wonderful experience taking care of patients. They are so grateful for the help that we give. It was also a valuable experience as a student leader. I helped recruit volunteers to the clinic on a weekly basis to keep the clinic running. If students were not available, i would go every week to make sure the patients got seen.

Out of my time at the AFC, I was exposed to the asian health initiative. They have a pretty extensive hepatitis B screening program in columbus OH. I was fortunate to be invited to many of the screening events, where i helped with patient education. I learned a lot about the patient population at risk for hepatitis B, and some of the available community resources for those who screened positive. Also there were resources available for those who screened negative but were never vaccinated. I was able to bring my fellow medical students along for some of these medical screenings so they could learn what I learned. Overall it was a very good experience! As I reflect on this experience, it really taught me a lot about leadership, taking care of the underserved, and also working with others. I cherish these lessons and I believe they really helped me during my 3rd and 4th years of medical school. These are important things that will help me during residency and even beyond!

This reflection falls under the LSI categories professionalism, interpersonal communications, and patient care. I believe it qualifies for professionalism, since I went to the clinic every week to ensure that all of the patients got seen. They really needed medical care and I felt it was important that they were able to get the care they needed. For interpersonal communication, serving in a leadership role, i had to communicate greatly with the clinic coordinator, volunteer attending physicians, and also other medical students. Patient care is involved when I am directly taking care of patients.

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