Year in Review

This past year, my journey as a Freshman has been very adventurous with many ups and downs through the school year that taught me valuable lessons about myself and my future. As a first generation college student, I had a very hard time transitioning from high school to college during my first semester. It was challenging to move away from home and being in an environment where I didn’t know anyone. It was very difficult adjusting and trying to find new friends, working on time management, keeping up with academics, struggling to find my identity and fitting into organizations and just navigating everything at such a big campus with so many people at school. Even though there were times when I was down throughout the process of coming to college, I feel that I have learned many things as well. College has definitely affected my relationship I have with my family and friends, in a good way, because I learned to not take everything for granted and to be grateful of everyone I have. They have supported me and encouraged me to stay strong and to not give up. I value relationships very much and found a home on campus with Delta Phi Lambda Sorority Inc., a multicultural Greek sorority. The love, care, hope and support that my sorority has given me has really helped me to become more comfortable with myself and people around me, grow from my weaknesses, promote Asian awareness and have a place where I feel welcomed. I am really starting to love being at the Ohio State University and I feel that I am not lonely anymore because I found out more about myself, I found friends that were like me, I learned how to manage my time and take care of myself and I also learned how to cope with stress. I found out about who I am, how I work, how I think and how I form bonds and relationship with people.