2021-2-3 Afghanistan in Global Context

A great introductory view on the peoples, cultures, languages, religions, and history of Afghanistan. We also discussed the country’s neighbors in some depth with respect to their relationships with Afghanistan and how their cultures and languages overlap. You can of course get more visual information on topics like the meaning of Afghanistan’s flag and the history of its borders if you watch the video (embedded below and available on our Facebook page).¬† In this hour-long video, you will get a sense of the diversity of the country and why it has been involved in so many global power struggles over the ages.

Ohio State is an amazing place to learn more about Afghanistan. We regularly host public presentations where our faculty address headlines and discuss the history of Afghanistan. Most recently, we commissioned and produced two plays about Afghanistan based on stories written by Afghan women. If you are a student or researcher at Ohio State, you’ll learn about the many resources for studying the country and its people at our university. We offer nearly all of the languages spoken there and have an amazing library collection*, in addition to faculty such as Dr. Payind who are offering related courses.

Listen to “Keys to Understanding the Middle East” on Spreaker.

*Start with this libguide, created by Professor Magda El-Sherbini:

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