Our e-Books

Keys to Understanding the Middle East, by Dr. Alam Payind and Dr. Melinda McClimans

This e-book focuses on the languages, cultural, religious, and sectarian communities of the region, and turning points in history. It is based on the content for International Studies/Near Eastern Languages and Cultures 2200 “Introduction to the Modern Middle East”. Formats:

Euphrates Tigris Water Issues: An Introduction, edited by Dr. Melinda McClimans

This book is the result of the “Euphrates Tigris Water Issues Workshop” hosted at the Ohio State University April 21-22, 2016 in Columbus, Ohio. It has been edited to present the content of the workshop in an accessible way, while remaining relevant for readers with expertise in water resource management and policy.

Windows Into Turkish Culture, edited by Dr. Danielle Schoon and Dr. Melinda McClimans

This student-authored academic introduction to Turkey provides one social, cultural, or historical lens per chapter to provide insights into Turkey today. This book is the result of research conducted by undergraduate students at OSU as a part of “Turkish 2241: Turkish Culture.” This work was done with the help of Turkish students at Istanbul University under the guidance of Professor Mehmet Acikalin.  For more on the project, please see the web site: u.osu.edu/globaleportfolio