Day 2: Nursing Education and Shopping!

Today was day two of our adventures in Choluteca. We started the morning with a hearty breakfast, and then prepared our supplies and posters to teach various nursing skills to the Choluteca Nursing Students. One group taught the nursing students medication administration skills such as injections and safety tips. Another group demonstrated to the students first aid, wound care, and suturing techniques. The third group taught the students how to perform prenatal care and breastfeeding techniques to teach to their future Honduran patients. We also had time to organize all of our supplies in the Bodega to be well prepared for clinics this upcoming week!

After lunch, we headed to Downtown Choluteca to see the markets. There, we bought beautiful hand-made baskets that are known to last many years! We also bought several veggies and avocados to use in tonight’s supper.

Then we went to the Choluteca mall where we enjoyed coffee, popsicles, and Frosty’s. We also bought groceries and clothes to give to children at the foster home that we will be visiting tomorrow. Afterwards, we enjoyed relaxing by the pool, getting to know each other better, and a delicious dinner. We are very excited to get to explore the beach tomorrow!

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