Day 8: Travel to Tegucigalpa and Shopping

Today was an early morning as we embarked on our long (3hr) trip up to Tegucigalpa, where the airport is located. On the way, we stopped at a zoo where we ate breakfast and explored the exhibits. It was much smaller in terms of space and variety of animals, and much to our surprise there were only chain linked fences around the enclosures! They had monkeys, parrots, pumas, jaguars, wolves, lions, turtles and a few other small creatures.

We then continued up to Tegucigalpa to the WGM guest house where we would stay for our last night. We went to the Valle de Angeles for a shopping day where we bought many different handmade items such as decorations, jewelry, woodwork and leather purses. Afterwards, we had a very tasty dinner of lasagna and homemade garlic bread which was a hit after a week without pasta! We spent our last evening together talking and debriefing about our wonderful experiences throughout the trip, sharing the highs and lows as well as our favorite pictures from the week!

We played card games and enjoyed each other’s company for the last night and went to bed in anticipation for our flight home in the morning!

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