Day 6: Barrio el edén

Today was our 3rd day of clinic in Choluteca. We set up in a school in the barrio el edén, which was described to me by a local as a marginalized neighborhood on the periphery of the city. Once again we set up stations for adults, pediatrics, women’s health, pharmacy, and health screening and education. We were able to see over 40 patients and address their long and short term problems.

We noticed a similar theme with many of the people we met today. They went to see a doctor, but weren’t able to pay for the recommended treatment, or they were given a list of medications with little to no explanation so that they didn’t know how to manage them all. Our group was able to provide affordable treatments, as well as education so that their medications could be a relief rather than a burden.

After the clinic we were able to enjoy a local Choluteca drink called Pozol, made from milk, corn, and cinnamon, courtesy of the family of one of our interpreters. She shared with our hosts that she’s worked with a lot of people from other countries, even with orphanages in different areas, but she’s never been touched like she has this week to see how the OSU brigade has cared for her people. She said that her family wanted to express their gratitude for what our team has been doing for the people of Honduras by sharing this local specialty with us.

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