Day 7: Teaching at the Technical School and Last Clinic Day

Today, we had the wonderful opportunity to teach 1st Aid and CPR at a vocational school. At this specific school, students are taught a variety of skills such as how to fix cars in an auto shop, sewing, and baking skills. The BSN students taught 1st aid skills such as how to splint a broken/sprained finger/wrist and how to dress a wound/burn. These are important skills for these students due to the nature of their work environments and the lack of access to immediate medical care. Then, the students were broken up into groups of ten where they each practiced CPR on one of the dummies. They took turns performing 1-person CPR and 2-person CPR to the beat of the song “Stayin’ Alive”. Lastly, our lesson ended with the Heimlich maneuver.


After teaching at the vocational school, we headed out to the last village that we had the privilege of serving named Village of Nuevos Colorados. Here, we saw about 30-40 patients. While our previous clinic days seemed to be a lot more hectic, today we had a slower trickle of patients. In women’s health, only 5 pap smears were performed while the norm is usually between 15-20 paps. The change in pace was nice as today felt like one of the hottest days thus far. Some of us were even able to play and interact with the kids more. All in all, today was a great ending to being able to provide much-needed healthcare services to the citizens of Choluteca.


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