Broadcast 3: Coronavirus

In their 3rd and final broadcast of the historic semester, Kristina and Antonia delved into how the Coronavirus pandemic changed the world, from online school, to shelter in place guidelines, to Easter from a distance. They talked about their families here and in Greece, and compared the different approaches taken by each country. Additionally they talked about potential consequences and changes for students and other  young people in the coming year due to the crisis. As this broadcast is essentially a journal entry into the lives of two students during quarantine, they acknowledged the reach of the crisis and send their thoughts and prayers to all those affected by COVID-19 . They also wanted to say thank you to all the healthcare and essential workers fighting to keep everybody safe and remind everyone to stay home!

Click here for the broadcast script.

To watch the video of the Greek celebrities who endorsed the new campaign “Μένουμε Σπίτι”, see below.

Broadcast Outline:

  • Introduction (0:45)
  • Life during Coronavirus (2:20)
    • Online commencement (3:45)
    • How is Antonia holding up? (6:49)
  • What to do at home during quarantine? (9:00)
  • COVID-19 Origins (15:00)
  • Going forward (18:37)
  • How are our families doing? (22:30)
  • Florida during COVID-19 (24:15)
  • Greece and Coronavirus (26:10)
    • “Μένουμε Σπίτι” (31:00)
    • “Το Πάρτι Σου” – Τάκης Ρέλη (37:30)
  • COVID-19 close to home (41:00)
  • Coronavirus and Sigma Epsilon Phi (44:03)
  • Changed Plans (45:39)
  • Easter (52:18)
  • Thanks (54:50)