Winter 2012

As Alexandra Constantinou, Paris Gyparakis, Catherin Dikaiou and Pete Ragias worked together to create some wonderful radio broadcasts, they learned a great deal regarding some topics discussed and had fun working with more personal topics. The links below will you guide you to the broadcasts.

Pete and Alex









Interview with DJ Matheos

In Paris’ and Catherin’s second broadcast, they interviewed a Greek-American DJ, DJ Matheos. The three discuss his music, his path to finding his profession as a DJ, and more generally music and its influence on pop culture.

In the third broadcast for Paris and Catherin, the two talk about the necessities of the Greek identity: food and music. Chef Christina Cosby joined Paris and Catherin for their third and final broadcast of the term. She and the pair discussed food, and the Greek style of cooking. DJ Matheo returns to talk about the Greek influence on new music, and his clothing line.