Spring, 2022 broadcasts

Spring 2022

Follow the link above to find the 2022 spring broadcasts by OSU Modern Greek students.

This spring the Ohio State University class “CLLC Modern Greek Radio” enrolled a record eleven students, who composed and performed broadcasts on a range of subjects. The semester culminated on April 26 with an awards ceremony for Modern Greek Program graduates and live broadcasts from Crane Café in Hagerty Hall attended by over 40 students, graduates, faculty, family and community members who heard a fascinating discussion of Greek Jewish heritage by Linda Tiano, featuring interviews with her mother, Zanet Battinou, Director of the Jewish Museum of Greece, and with Professor Brian Joseph, and a discussion of Cretan heritage and Sfakia by Avgero Kopasaki, who interviewed her parents, and discussion of sports in Greece by Andrew Manokas and Thanasis Tsigas. Other notable broadcasts this semeseter included work by: Yanni Patitsas and Eirini Kellis, with broadcasts on Greek Orthodoxy, Chios, Ithaki, and Greek American experiences; Anna Boulas and Athena Stamos, who debated the merits of Chios and Zakynthos, and discussed Greek spring traditions; Alexander Wheelhouse,who also interview Professor Joseph in Greek, this time with a focus on Greek and historical linguistics; Eleni Volas and Carrie Langendorff, whose April 12 broadcast includes a lengthy interview, in English, with Mr Bill Nicolozakes of Cambridge, Ohio, on the history of Sigma Epsilon Phi.