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Welcome to the CLLC Modern Greek Radio at OSU webpage! On this website, you will be able to navigate using the tabs above to select a specific Semester to listen to, or browse subjects and DJs on the Index Page.

What is OSU Modern Greek Radio?

It offers students studying Greek the opportunity to “host” a broadcast on a topic of their choice–in Greek, of course!

How does it work?

Student partners prepare 3 target language broadcasts with a partner, each 1 hour in length (or alternately individual broadcasts one half-hour long). Broadcasts stream live over the Internet and are then turned into podcasts for public use. Student choose their own topics based on the personal interests and language abilities. Students choose their music and develop their own content, conducting interviews relevant to their chosen topic. They then prepare three 14-16 page narrative scripts. The class meets three times a week, with the instructor advising the groups as they develop their topics and plan their broadcasts, revising their scripts and providing coaching. Instruction, research and preparation is done in the Greek as much as possible.

In addition to the course instructor, students are helped by sound engineer Paul Kotheimer who manages production of live broadcasts from OSU’s dedicated radio and recording studio:

Spring 2015

The third broadcast is public, in Crane Café, and is an opportunity for the local Greek community, students and faculty of the Modern Greek Program to gather, hear the live broadcast, and celebrate graduating Modern Greek Majors and Minors.

Why is this important?
Students find this course develops their speaking, writing, and aural abilities more than any other class. It allows them to work at their own level of linguistic competence.

As a student-centered course, students are responsible for their work through live performance for an audience of friends, family, colleagues, and interested listeners from Australia to Greece. Each broadcast is archived and made available to the public on the Program’s Sound Cloud page, and an accompanying web page with summaries, broadcast outline, script, and further information curated by the students themselves. The course gives students the opportunity to be creative, work in depth on their language skills, while their work serves as a resource for listeners now and in the future.

Who are we?
Interviewers are OSU students who share a passion for not only the Greek language, but the Greek culture and history as well. In order to learn more about our broadcasters, visit this page to Meet the Interviewers.