The Ohio State University: College of Arts and Sciences

Fall 2013

Throughout this semester, Julia Schechter created radio broadcasts regarding topics she is passionate about, wanted to learn more about, and share with others. Follow the links below to enjoy her work.

Her second broadcast with Michaela Zaverdinos was on the subject of Greek music.

Her third and final broadcast, with Sarah Bowers, Stavroula Soulas, Michaela Zaverdinos, and Nikos Galouzis, was on the topic of farming in Greece. It includes interviews with Prof. Phaedra Papavasileiou and Tatyana Baishanski in Greece.

She was joined for one broadcast by Celebi Çağdaş Lara, who had the following to say about her experience:

The Greek broadcast helped us learn the Greek language -by improving our writing and speaking as well as listening skills. I believe that being an essential component of cultures, music also supported language learning.

While doing the broadcast my primary concern was the Greek-Americans. Reaching them in their mother language through the radio was a great experience. In my broadcast with Julia Schechter we talked about Greek food and we also talked about similar Turkish foods. I believe that mentioning neighbourhood similarities enriched our radio program. I enjoyed it.