Research in the Gibbs Lab addresses a broad range of questions in evolutionary biology, molecular ecology, and conservation genetics. We infer the evolutionary history of populations and species using genomic scale data, investigate the molecular and functional basis of adaptive variation, and apply genetics to the conservation of wild populations. We use field work, genomic and proteomic analyses, bioinformatic analyses of large data sets, and statistical modeling of data to investigate these questions. We focus on vertebrates, mainly snakes, salamanders, birds, and mammals.

Some of this work is funded through the Ohio Biodiversity Conservation Partnership which is a collaboration between Ohio State University and the Ohio Division of Wildlife that focuses on research on Ohio species of conservation and management concern. Lisle Gibbs is the current Director of OBCP.

Dr. H. Lisle Gibbs
Professor, Department of Evolution,  Ecology, and Organismal Biology
Director, Ohio Biodiversity Conservation Partnership
300 Aronoff Laboratory
Ohio State University
318 W. 12th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1242 USA
T: 614 688 3861
F: 614 292 2030
E: gibbs.128@osu.edu