Current Lab Members

Lab PI

  H. Lisle Gibbs (Ph.D. University of Michigan) is the Head of the Lab and Director of the Ohio Biodiversity Conservation Partnership (

Postdoctoral Fellow

  Micheal Broe (Ph.D. University of Edinburgh and Ohio State University) is a Postdoctoral fellow who works on venom gene evolution in populations of Sistrurus rattlesnakes (

  Dr. Alex Ochoa (Ph.D. University of Arizona) is a Postdoctoral fellow who works examining the genomic consequences of population bottlenecks on adaptive variation in Massasauga rattlesnakes (

Graduate Students

  Alyssa Hassinger (B.S. Florida State University) is a Ph.D.  student  who is working on the genomic basis of coevolutionary interactions between rattlesnakes and squirrels (

  Scott Martin (B.S. University of Texas – Austin; M.S. Townson State University) is a Ph.D. student who is working on the conservation genetics of Massasauga rattlesnakes (

  Jamin Wieringa (B.S. Hope College; M.S. Central Michigan Univeristy) is a Ph.D. student who works on bat conservation genetics (co-advised with Bryan Carstens) (

Other Important People

  Jose Diaz (B.Sc. University of Wisconsin) is a research technician who maintains the departmental DNA sequencer and, provides advice on molecular techniques, and assists on specific projects in the lab (

  Steve Smith (B.S. Ohio State University) is an administrator for the Ohio Biodiversity Conservation Partnership (

Recent Lab Alumni

Post-doctoral Fellows (current position)

Dr. Mike Sovic (Ph.D., Ohio State University). 2011-16 – Research Scientist, Ohio State University Cancer Center.

Dr. Tony Fries (Ph.D., Ohio State University). 2015-16 – Research Scientist, United States Air Force.

Dr. Katy Greenwald (Ph.D., Ohio State University). 2010 – 11– Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University.

Dr. Angelika Nelson (Ph.D., University of Copenhagen). 2004 – 08 – Curator, Museum of Biological Diversity, Ohio State University.

Dr. Christine Anderson (Ph.D. Miami University). 2008 – 10 – Assistant Professor, Capital University.

Dr. Kristin Mylecraine (Ph.D., Rutgers University). 2004 – 08 – Research Scientist, New Jersey Audubon Society.

Dr. Gabriel Blouin-Demers (Ph.D., Carleton University). 2001-02 – Professor of Biology, University of Ottawa.

Former Graduate Students (current position)

Robert Denton (Ph.D. 2017) – Postdoc with Dr. John Malone’s lab in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Connecticut, to work on amphibian genome evolution (including unisexual Ambystomasalamanders).

Matt Holding (Ph.D. 2017) – Postdoc with Dr. Chris Parkinson, Department of Biology, University of Central Florida for a year on NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity Grant on snake venom evolution, then two year NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship on morphological and venom evolution in snakes with Dr. Darin Rokyta, Department of Biological Science, Florida State University.

Sarah Smiley-Walters (Ph.D. 2016) – Department of Biology, Stetson University

David Salazar (Ph.D. 2016) – Assistant Professor, Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica, Quito, Ecuador

Tony Fries (Ph.D. 2015) – Research Scientist, United States Air Force

James Chiucchi (Ph.D. 2011) – Center for Life Sciences Education, Ohio State University.

Katy Greenwald (Ph.D. 2010) – Associate Professor, Eastern Michigan University

Wayne Rossiter, (M.S. 2005) – Associate Professor, Waynesburg University.

Kelly Ketcham (M.S. 2004) – Research technician.

Marylene Boulet (Ph.D. 2004, McMaster University) – Department of Biology, Bishops University