Current Lab Members

Lab PI

H. Lisle Gibbs (Ph.D. University of Michigan) is the Head of the Lab and Director of the Ohio Biodiversity Conservation Partnership (

Postdoctoral Fellow

Micheal Broe (Ph.D. University of Edinburgh and Ohio State University) is a Postdoctoral fellow who works on venom gene evolution in populations of Sistrurus rattlesnakes (

Graduate Students

Robert Denton (B.S. Ball State University; M.S. Eastern Kentucky University) is a Ph.D. student who is working on the molecular ecology and conservation biology of unisexual Ambystoma salamanders (

Matt Holding (B.S. Ball State University; M.S. Cal State Poly) is a Ph.D. student who is working on coevolutionary interactions between rattlesnakes and ground squirrels (

Scott Martin (B.S. University of Texas – Austin; M.S. Townson State University) is a Ph.D. student who is working on the conservation genetics of Massasauga rattlesnakes (

Jamin Wieringa (B.S. Hope College; M.S. Central Michigan Univeristy) is a Ph.D. student who works on bat conservation genetics (co-advised with Bryan Carstens) (

Other Important People

Jose Diaz (B.Sc. University of Wisconsin) is a research technician who maintains the departmental DNA sequencer and, provides advice on molecular techniques, and assists on specific projects in the lab (

Steve Smith (B.S. Ohio State University) is an administrator for the Ohio Biodiversity Conservation Partnership (

Recent Lab Alumni

Post-doctoral Fellows (current position)

Dr. Mike Sovic (Ph.D., Ohio State University). 2011-16 – Research Scientist, Ohio State University Cancer Center.

Dr. Tony Fries (Ph.D., Ohio State University). 2015-16 – Research Scientist, United States Air Force.

Dr. Katy Greenwald (Ph.D., Ohio State University). 2010 – 11– Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University.

Dr. Angelika Nelson (Ph.D., University of Copenhagen). 2004 – 08 – Curator, Museum of Biological Diversity, Ohio State University.

Dr. Christine Anderson (Ph.D. Miami University). 2008 – 10 – Assistant Professor, Capital University.

Dr. Kristin Mylecraine (Ph.D., Rutgers University). 2004 – 08 – Research Scientist, New Jersey Audubon Society.

Dr. Gabriel Blouin-Demers (Ph.D., Carleton University). 2001-02 – Professor of Biology, University of Ottawa.

Graduate Students (current position)

Sarah Smiley-Walters (Ph.D. 2016) –

David Salazar (Ph.D. 2016) – Assistant Professor, Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica, Quito, Ecuador

Tony Fries (Ph.D. 2015) – Research Scientist, United States Air Force

Katy Greenwald (Ph.D. 2010) – Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University

James Chiucchi (Ph.D. 2011) – Center for Life Sciences Education, Ohio State University.

Wayne Rossiter, (M.S. 2005) – Assistant Professor, Waynesburg University.

Kelly Ketcham (M.S. 2004) – Research technician.

Marylene Boulet (Ph.D. 2004, McMaster University) – CUEFR, Université de Sherbrooke