Fall 2023

Celebrating Ken!
Jen, Stephanie, Ariana, Laura, Suraiya, Angela, Ken’s mom, Ken
Angela, Sami, Kelly, Seulbee, Miruna, Phuong

Kelly & Ken

Social Area Lab Picnic
Stephanie, Phuong, Miruna, Seulbee, Ariana, Angela, Sami, Laura
Ken, Eugene

Fujita Lab Picnic
Miruna, Laura, Seulbee, Stephanie, Phuong, Ariana, Ken, Eugene, Sami

Summer 2023

Alumni in town!
Seulbee, Ken, Sami, Tina, Ariana, Laura, Stephanie, Phuong

Sascha’s SROP Presentation

Spring 2023

End of Semester Lab Gathering @ Tucci’s
Phuong, Ariana, Miruna, Laura, Seulbee, Stephanie, Ken

Fujita Lab Reunion at MPA 2023
Ken, Ariana, Stephanie, Phuong, Paul, Laura, Angela, Sami

Fujita Lab Reunion at SPSP 2023
Left: Paul, Jessica, Phuong, Seulbee, Laura
Right: Jo, Ariana, Katie, Sami, Mo

Spring outing
Sami, Stephanie, Ariana, Phuong, Seulbee, Ken, Angela, Laura

Fall 2022

Metamotivation Fest 2022
Rosie, Seulbee, Abby, Ken
Sinwoo, Ariana, David, Jessica
Soyoung, Krista, Katie, Candice

Last FLARE Meeting of 2022
Stephanie, Anuha, Elle, Sascha, Kali, Ken, Nken, Shree, Finn, Phuong
Laura, Ariana, Sami

Ostrom Party @ Rich’s
Laura, Phuong, Ariana, Sami, Seulbee, Stephanie

Phuong presenting in the Autumn 2022 Graduate Student Research Forum (2nd place winner!)

Fujita Lab Assistants Research Experience (FLARE)
Sascha, Ray, Curtis, Dom, Kali, Elle, Shree, Finn (Shaojia via zoom)

Area Picnic @ Duane’s
Seulbee, Ariana, Laura, Allison, Stephanie, Ken
Phuong, Sami

Seulbee, Phuong, Sami, Ariana, Laura

Lab Picnic @ Scioto Park
Allison, Ariana, Stephanie, Seulbee, Phuong, Sami, & Ken

Naseem, Allison, Joe, Ariana, Stephanie, Ken, Seulbee, Marco
Rani, Phuong, Sami

Summer 2022

Welcoming Laura & Sami
Ariana, Ken, Laura, Seulbee, Phuong, Sami

Farewell Brunch for Dr. Tina Nguyen!
Jinhyun, Ariana, Seulbee, Tina, Arif, Ken

SSM – Chicago
Ariana, Katelin, Sami, Mike, Rick, Phuong

Mike + Ariana

Spring 2022

Fujita Lab RA Gathering
Phuong, Seulbee, Tiffany, Kali, Shaojia, Hosanna, Elle

End of Semester Lab Picnic @ Scioto Park
Shasha, Tao, Ken, Mike, Stephanie, Ariana, Phuong, Tina

New Post-Doc Laura Hildebrand visits us!
Seulbee, Katie, Laura, Ken, Stephanie, Umar, Ariana, Phuong

Celebrating a new publication @ BrewDog
Ariana, Mike, Phuong
Katie, Ken, Tina, Allison, Seulbee

Phuong + Seulbee, Mike + Sundae

Fall 2021

Lab Get Together @ Cafe Istanbul
Mike, Katie, Tina, Seulbee, Phuong, Ariana, Ken, Lindsey

Phuong’s Birthday Dessert + Family Plate

Area Picnic @ Duane’s
Seulbee, Phuong, Ariana, Tina, Mike, Ken

Lab Picnic @ Scioto Park
Marco, Ariana, Nitisha, Allison, Mike, Ken, Angela & Lolo, Phuong, Tao, Seulbee, Tina

Seulbee, Tina, Phuong, Ariana, Marco, Mike

Celebrating a new publication @ Milestone 229
Seulbee, Ken, Phuong, Tina, Ariana

Phuong, Tina, Ariana, Seulbee


Summer 2020

Metamotivation Fest
Erik, Tina, Dave, Candice
Phuong, Alex, Jessica, Mike
Seulbee, Abby, Ken, Sidney

Spring 2020

Celebrating a new publication @ Third & Hollywood
Seulbee, Laura, Tina, Ken, Allison, Phuong

Denman Research Forum @ OSU

SPSP Lab Reunion @ Tan Dinh
Tina, Pin-ya, Jo, Mo, Laura, Steph Freis, Seulbee, Phuong, Ken, Steph Reeves, Paul, Jess, David, Taylor

SPSP – Metamotivation Fest – New Orleans
Tina, Ken, Seulbee, Candice, Abby, Erik, Jessica

Fall 2019

Celebrating the End of the Semester @ Ambrose & Eve
Tina, Phuong, Seulbee, Ken, Allison, Steph Kim, Aviva

Person Memory 2019 @ Toronto
Aviva, Laura, Tina, Steph Reeves

Celebrating the Start of the Semester @ Forno
Laura, Allison, Aviva, Phuong, Ken, Tina, Seulbee

Summer 2019

Celebrating Taku and Yoko’s Visit @ Trillium
Tina, Seulbee, Phuong, Taku, Yoko, Ken

Congrats Dr. Stephanie Reeves and Dr. Laura Wallace!

Celebrating Dr. Stephanie Reeves @ Spagio
Jane, Taylor, Ken, Stephanie, Phuong, Tina

BBQ @ Jess’s
Jess, Nadia, Mo, Paul, Tina

Distances in Organizations Workshop @ NYU
Tina, Jess, Ken

Spring 2019

End of Year Celebration @ Vaso
Top: Tina, Seulbee, David, Allison, Laura
Bottom: Ken, Phuong, Nikki

Celebrating Dr. Nikki Bevan @ Third & Hollywood
Lisa, Ken, Phuong, Stephanie, Lexi, Nate, Nikki, Tina, Laura


ICPS – Paris
Tina, Jess, Stephanie Freis


SPSP – Motivation Science Preconference
Nikki, Phuong, Seulbee


SPSP – Portland
Phuong, Tina, Nikki, Laura, Jess, Paul, Jessica Rea


Fall 2018

Person Memory @ Union, WA
Stephanie, Tina, Zach


Summer 2018

SROP Symposium @ OSU
Laura, Ariana, Ken


Asael’s & Ariana’s Going Away Party/Phuong’s Welcome Party @ Marcella’s
Zohar, Allison, Ariana, Asael, Ken, Phuong, Tina, Laura, David


Ken’s Surprise Promotion Party @ Third & Hollywood
Top: Allison, Katie, Sara, Nikki, Asael, David, Shauna, LaNae, Tina
Bottom: Stephanie, Laura, Ken, Brittany, Ariana


Potluck to Welcome Ariana @ Ken’s
Top: Zohar, Asael, Kenny, Ariana, Ted, Monica, Paul, Steph, Ken
Bottom: Laura, Tina, Peanut, Shauna, Allison, Nikki

Lab Dinner @ APS
Tina, Shauna, Ken, Laura, Stephanie, Hyojin, David

APS – San Francisco
Laura, Stephanie, Tina

APS – San Francisco
Stephanie, Laura, Ken

Spring 2018

End of Year Celebration @ G. Michael’s
Shauna, Allison, (Nikki!), Tina, Stephanie, Lanae, Katie, Ken, Asael, Laura, Paul

Denman Undergraduate Research Forum – 1st Place

Psychology Undergraduate Research Forum @ OSU
Lanae, Katie

Fall 2017

Lab Meeting
Top: Shauna, Tina, Allison, Ken, Tao, David, Asael
Bottom: Laura, Taylor, Nikki, Stephanie, Katie

Holiday Potluck/Karaoke Party @ Ken’s
Top: Zohar, Asael, Paul, Stephanie, David
Bottom: Ken (& Peanut), Laura, Nikki, Tina, Allison

Beginning of Semester Potluck @ Ken’s
Asael, David, Ken (& Peanut), Tina, Laura, Paul

Summer 2017

Pat, Stephanie, Ken

Celebrating Dr. Stephanie Freis @ Biscuit & Branch
Paul, Micah, Tina, Stephanie, Ken, Stephanie Reeves, Asael

Lab Reunion at Nikki’s Wedding
Tina, Sara, Nikki, Paul, Jess

Trip to the Zoo
Paul, Elise, Nikki, David, Tina, Abby, Asael, Ken

Spring 2017

End of Semester Celebration @ Yoshi’s
Ken, Tina, Stephanie Reeves, Jenn, Elise, Paul, Laura, Asael, Nikki, Micah

Fall 2016

Lab Meeting
Top: David, Ken, Stephanie Reeves, Jane, Elise, Micah, Stephanie, Ian, Asael
Bottom: Laura, Tina, Nikki


Paul, Ken, Jess

Paul, Jess, Nikki

Paul, Karen, Jess, Micah

Laura, Mo, Ken, Jess, Nikki, Tina


Paul, Jess, Nikki, Nate, Danny, Sara, Joe, Karen


Santino, Jess, Mo, Nikki, Nate, Paul, Tina, Karen


Mo, Jess, Micah, Megan, Karen, Joe, Paul, Nikki


Karen, Joe, Jess, Mo, Paul, Jenn, Nikki, Nate


Zach, Deborah, Janet, Jess, Jessica Rea, Sara, Courtney

Paul, Jess, Nikki


Ken’s Tenure Party



80’s Party
Joe, Kate, Karen, Jess, Paul


End of Year Celebration
Anna, Kate, Jess

End of Year Celebration