Seminar 02.24.22 Ackelsberg

Title: Large intersections for multiple recurrence in abelian groups

Speaker: Ethan Ackelsberg – Ohio State University

Abstract: With the goal of a common extension of Khintchine’s recurrence theorem and Furstenberg’s multiple recurrence theorem in mind, Bergelson, Host, and Kra showed that, for any ergodic measure-preserving system (X, ℬ, μ, T), any measurable set A ∈ ℬ, and any ε > 0, there exist (syndetically many) n ∈ ℕ such that μ(A ∩ TnA ∩ … ∩ TknA) > μ(A)k+1 – ε if k ≤ 3, while the result fails for k ≥ 4. The phenomenon of large intersections for multiple recurrence was later extended to the context of ⊕𝔽p-actions by Bergelson, Tao, and Ziegler. In this talk, we will address and give a partial answer to the following question about large intersections for multiple recurrence in general abelian groups: given a countable abelian group G, what are necessary and sufficient conditions for a family of homomorphisms φ1, …, φk : G → G so that for any ergodic measure-preserving G-system (X, ℬ, μ, (Tg)gG), any A ∈ ℬ, and any ε > 0, there is a syndetic set of g ∈ G such that μ(A ∩ Tφ1(g)A ∩ … ∩ Tφk(g)A) > μ(A)k+1 – ε? We will also discuss combinatorial applications in ℤd and (ℕ, ·). (Based on joint work with Vitaly Bergelson and Andrew Best and with Vitaly Bergelson and Or Shalom.)

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