Seminar 01.27.22 Call

Title: Uniqueness and the K-property of equilibrium states for the geodesic flow on translation surfaces

Speaker: Benjamin Call – Ohio State University

Abstract: In the general setting of CAT(0) spaces, Ricks has provided necessary and sufficient conditions for uniqueness and mixing of the measure of maximal entropy for the geodesic flow. I will discuss recent work establishing uniqueness and the K-property of a class of equilibrium states for the geodesic flow on translation surfaces, a subclass of CAT(0) spaces. This result builds on the orbit-decomposition machinery developed by Climenhaga and Thompson, and is joint work with Dave Constantine, Alena Erchenko, Noelle Sawyer, and Grace Work.

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Seminar program for Spring 2022

Our seminar continues with a mixture of in person and virtual talks. As usual, we meet on (most) Thursdays at 3.00pm EST unless otherwise noted. In person talks will be in MW154.

For virtual talks, the Zoom link can be obtained from the organizers, Andreas Koutsogianis and Dan Thompson. For most virtual talks, video will be posted afterwards, and will remain viewable on Zoom for 120 days after the talk.

The following is our current schedule; more talks might be announced soon.

Jan 27: Virtual –  Ben Call (OSU)

Feb 10: Virtual – Anthony Quas (University of Victoria, Canada)

Feb 17: Virtual – Richard Sharp (University of Warwick, UK)

Feb 24: Virtual – Ethan Ackelsberg (OSU)

Mar 3: Virtual – John Griesmer (Colorado School of Mines)

Mar 10: Virtual – Anh N. Le (OSU)

Mar 24: In Person – Andreas Koutsogiannis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)

Mar 31: In Person – Dong Chen (PennState)

April 7: Virtual – Konstantinos Tsinas (University of Crete, Greece)

Apr 14: Virtual – Yun Yang (Virginia Tech)

Apr 21: Virtual – Rigo Zelada Cifuentes (University of Maryland)