Seminar 09.01.22 Bersudsky – In person

Title: On the image in the torus of sparse points on expanding analytic curves

Speaker: Michael Bersudsky (OSU)

Abstract: It is known that the projection to the 2-torus of the normalised parameter measure on a circle of radius R in the plane becomes uniformly distributed as R grows to infinity. I will discuss the following natural discrete analogue for this problem. Starting from an angle and a sequence of radii {Rn} which diverges to infinity, I will consider the projection to the 2-torus of the n’th roots of unity rotated by this angle and dilated by a factor of Rn. The interesting regime in this problem is when Rn is much larger than n so that the dilated roots of unity appear sparsely on the dilated circle.

Seminar program for Fall 2022

Our seminar continues with a mixture of in person and virtual talks. As usual, we meet on (most) Thursdays at 3.00pm EST unless otherwise noted. In person talks will be in MW154.

For virtual talks, the Zoom link can be obtained from the co-organizer, and responsible for the virtual component of the seminar, Andreas Koutsogianis.

The following is our current schedule; more talks might be announced soon.

August 25: In peron – Dmitri Scheglov

September 1: In person – Michael Bersudsky

September 8: Virtually – Caleb Dilsavor

September 15: In person – Andrey Gogolev

September 22: In person – Tomasz Downarowicz

September 29: No talk

October 6: Virtually – Yunied Puig de Dios

October 13: No seminar, Fall break

October 20: Virtually – Jiajie Zheng (postponed for a future date)

October 27: In person –  Andreas Koutsogiannis

November 3: In person – Michał Misiurewicz

November 10: Virtually – Borys Kuca

November 17: No talk

November 24: No seminar, Thanksgiving break

December 1: Virtually – Mariusz Mirek

December 8: In person – Martin Leguil