Stressed Out Doggies

Did you know that your hair can indicate how stressed out you are? A recent study from Utrecht University found that dogs in shelters have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their hair than non-shelter dogs. Regardless of how well the shelters treat their animals, they are often still stressed out, which is a great excuse to go rescue a dog in my opinion!

A Thankful Rescued Pit Bull. Photo by Luke Holben (2022).

The researchers examined the hair of many shelter dogs when they arrived, during their stay, and once they were adopted and placed into their new forever-homes. They found that the dogs were more stressed out during their stay than when they arrived, but after they were adopted the stress levels began to drop to normal levels. The dogs were so relieved to be in their new homes! Adopting dogs from shelters is extremely rewarding, but only adopt if you are sure you can care for your new best friend. I have personally adopted two dogs, one of which is the beautiful pit bull pictured above, and I would not trade them for the world.



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