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Please check out our EBITE Toolkit on Use of EBIs. Our collection of Resource Guides are freely available for use by teachers, school social-workers, school counselors, education leaders, district leadership, State Departments of Education, and higher-education faculty who are engaged in using or learning about evidence-based interventions to improve student learning outcomes, wellness of teachers and students, behavior concerns, and other areas. We’ve developed this Toolkit based on three-years of experience with our EBITE program with a diversity of participants across the US. We’d love to hear from you and welcome any feedback!

You can reach us at ebiteohio@gmail.com or contact our project lead Dr. Ann O’Connell at oconnell.87@osu.edu

Are you working in a school or district that wants to learn more about using evidence-based interventions (EBIs) to improve learning outcomes? Are you a faculty member interested in teaching this topic or working more effectively with your local school/district? We’re glad you found us because you have come to the right place! Please click on Program and Benefits to learn more about the training program and how you can apply!


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