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Since at least 2015 and the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), schools and districts have been tasked with incorporating evidence-based interventions (EBIs) into their school-improvement plans. The expectation is that these proven programs or interventions will lead to identified student outcomes. While ESSA has helped clarify the criteria for labeling an intervention as evidence-based, there are a daunting array of clearinghouses and online resources available for districts seeking to locate an intervention that may work for their local context. Selecting an intervention, however, is only one step in the implementation process. Our training program can help you and your intervention or school-improvement team strengthen your skills for selecting and using EBIs. This program will help organizations increase their capacity in evidence-based interventions.

Benefits to Participants:

  1. Access to all training materials will be available via our EBITE portal (“Scarlet”). Additional materials can be found here on our Resources page including lists of EBI Clearinghouses; EBITE Practice Guides that highlight tools or methods for helping schools and districts understand the ESSA criteria and selection/use of EBIs; tip sheets to aid in the search for effective interventions/practices; and other EBI-related evaluation tools and resources.
  2. One-on-one coaching with members of our training team across the academic year after the completion of the summer workshop.
  3. Increased knowledge of and skills regarding the selection, implementation, and evaluation of EBIs in their local contexts
  4. Interaction with leaders in the field of EBIs.
  5. Participation in a growing network of like-minded district/school leaders and educational researchers currently working with EBIs
  6. Familiarity with cutting-edge evaluation tools and approaches designed to increase district/school understanding of their own progress with EBIs.

Our program is designed to support the work that schools and districts are already doing to implement evidence-based interventions.   


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