The Resources page links to general information regarding the selection and use of Evidence-based Interventions. Our Toolkit: Roadmap to Use of Evidence-Based Interventions provides a collection of 18 Resource Guides on topics ranging from how to locate and select an appropriate EBI to implementation strategies and evaluation approaches. Each Resource Guide links to a specific step in our EBITE Model for the cycle of continuous improvement around EBI use. Please check out these resources, and we welcome any feedback!

Our Comprehensive Resource List contains links and general description of websites related to Clearinghouses (for searching for EBIs based on WWC, ESSA or other criteria); the Cycle of Continuous Improvement; evaluation resources and tools/methods for using data to inform selection of EBIs and for progress monitoring; our EBITE Practice Guides, and resources on school disruption due to COVID-19.

The resources included here represent a collection of repositories and tools designed to help schools and education agencies locate, select, implement and evaluate evidence-based interventions, being mindful of a focus on continuous improvement. We update these materials regularly. If you have something you would like to add, please contact us at to submit your suggestion.


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