Summer Workshop

About Our Training Program: Click on the following link to view Sample Curriculum: 2022 Draft Curriculum

What is our training content?  We take a team-based approach to increasing districts’ capacity to effectively put EBIs into practice by focusing on evaluation methods and the cycle of continuous improvement. Figure 1 provides an overview of the training.

Fig 1. Model for Capacity Training

What is our training structure?  We have developed a five-day summer workshop coupled with individually-focused coaching during the academic year. In addition to our training team, we have partnered with nationally-known researchers and practitioners to bring you state-of-the-art perspectives, knowledge, and skills around EBI implementation and use.

What is our team-based approach?  Decisions on student needs, EBIs and their implementation are rarely made by single individuals. Thus, we encourage teams or team representatives to participate in our training program. For our program, a team is a group of individuals (3-4 people) with a common goal, project, or initiative related to the use of EBIs in school/educational settings. Teams may be from within the same school/district or work across schools/districts, and may include external research or higher education partners.

In addition, we are reaching out to higher-education institutions (HEIs) to encourage education researchers to engage with their local schools and districts around use of EBIs. Team members could be:

  • Data specialists (for assisting with identifying needs)
  •  Curricula or intervention decision-makers
  •  School social workers, counselors, or other student-support staff
  •  State or local education leaders
  •  College or university researchers with interest or expertise in evaluation, implementation science, and/or evidence-based educational interventions


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