Blog 6: Affordable Housing (CRP4A)


Property: Commons at Third

Owner/Manager: National Church Residences (Nation’s Largest Affordable Housing Community)

Funding: LIHTC

Population Served: ⅗ homeless and disability, and other

Year Built: 2011

Number of Buildings: 1

Number of Units: 100

Land Use Classification: Manufacturing

Square Footage: 61,200 square feet

Total Assessed Value: $4,841,870, $1,050 per month


The property matches the styles of the surrounding apartment complexes. It is the same height as the nearby apartment complexes and looks to be an attractive building. All surrounding apartments including The Commons were built with a more modern aesthetic on the exterior.


The complex seems to be very well maintained. There is landscaping all around the outside and the outside of the property was clean and welcoming. The outside has a large space for parking. There is no graffiti or litter outside the building.
Nearby Businesses and Type: The complex is surrounded by residential apartments. The nearby apartments are mainly luxury apartments ranging from $1,000-$3,000 monthly rent. On the perpendicular streets  there are lots of commercial businesses, mainly restaurants.
Transit: Nearest bus stop is 300 ft from the complex on 3rd Ave, approximately a 1 minute walk. This bus stop is serviced by the #3 route, which travels from Grove City to Upper Arlington, passing through Franklinton as well as downtown. Just down the road at the intersection of 3rd Ave and Edgehill Rd. there are bus stops which are serviced by the #22 route as well as the #3. The #22 route travels from Grandview all the way down to the airport. It travels up through Ohio State’s campus and through Olde Towne East and Obetz. Because the #3 route runs on the west side of the city and the #22 runs on the east side, residents of Commons at Third ave transportation access to nearly everywhere in the city, very close to their home.

1 Report of theft in the last six months within 500 feet of the property

2 Reports of theft in the last six months within 1000 feet of the property

7 Reports of theft and 1 reported robbery in the last six months within .25 miles of the property

21 Reports of theft, 4 reported robberies, and 6 reports of residential robbery in the last six months within .5 miles of the property

At a buffer of .5 miles most of the crime is located in areas further away from the property. The immediate area surrounding the property appears to be relatively safe based on the data. Crime increases a lot once in the .25 mile range. The most common crime in the area is theft.

Property Values and Education:

Zestimate: $4,841,870, $1,050 per month

Schools: Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary, Indianola Informal K-8 School, Grandview Heights High School


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