Blog Post 3: Field Assessments


This is a two-way street, but the pedestrian is only on one side. I think the good thing is that the sidewalk is separated from road by grassland. Therefore, people can walk in a safer way. However, I think it’s better to add a sidewalk, so people can walk on both sides of the street.

Street Safety
This bridge passes over a roadway to connect OSU’s campus to the Olentangy Trail. This is a great way to keep both runners and drivers safe. Runners can pass easily without having to worry about stopping their run to wait for cars or getting hit, while cars don’t have to worry about runners jumping out in front of them. It also helps to keep traffic moving; traffic frequently stalls when classes end at OSU because students keep using “yield to pedestrian” crosswalks. This prevents stopping of that sort while simultaneously making everyone safer.

Street Width
The street width plays an important role in how pedestrians and drivers feel when going gown High Street. Wider streets are more conducive to cars, making drivers more comfortable with driving faster and faster. However, pedestrians can feel unsafe with cars zipping by, feeling especially vulnerable when having to cross an intersection. Since High Street sees a lot of people walking on its sidewalks, it makes more sense to cater High towards pedestrians and not drivers by the street narrower.

Traffic Flow
Measures like the usage of one way streets and terminating roads before intersections help improve traffic flow in the campus area and relieve some of the traffic volume from High Street to help it serve more efficiently as a major artery of Columbus.

While most professors, staff, and other employees of the university of drive to work, many of the students do not, so the existing parking is definitely enough to accommodate the mass of people at Ohio State. The current layout of parking is definitely functional, but I believe it could be even more functional and offer greater campus traffic safety if there were less parking spaces on the interior of campus. The large parking garages are located on the edges of campus, but more central campus parking should be removed. I think that more bike racks would also be a great improvement, as this would encourage bike usage and a smaller reliance on cars to get around.\


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