Blog 6: Affordable Housing

Site Characteristics

The area Weinland Park was created in between 1900 and 1920 as a streetcar suburb in close proximity to many middle-class factory jobs, but once the streetcar was removed it started to decline. In the 1980s as the area was destitute, public housing was instituted but failed, and gang activity rose. A majority of the properties were American Foursquare, with brick siding. Additionally, many other properties were one or two-story duplexes and there seemed to be no property higher than 4 stories. The area’s revitalization was funded by grants from the Department of Housing and Windsor Terrace and Low-income Housing Tax Credits and has received support from Weinland Park Civic Association and Weinland Park Collaborative. The population for the area is 5,000 people served by 2,000 households with land use being for many single family homes around 1,500 square feet. In regard to home value, most people are renters but the average rent $637, however its steadily rising.


After visiting Weinland Park Homes, it is comparable to the built environment. The housing is 3/4 bedrooms, however, the houses fit the style of the area except the fact that they are newer. Before the area was developed it was a vacant lot, however. It fits the scale of surrounding housing because the homes only have two floors.  The homes look attractive and quaint. Additionally, the area is maintained in order to attract new people to the neighborhood. Each house has a 1 car garage with more parking spaces, with young vibrant trees keeping the property clean and sleek. The areas proximity to the Short North is also attracting new businesses, with many bars and corner stores on the outskirts. The area also isn’t a food desert as there is a Kroger within a mile. The area also utlizes the COTA bus system with multiple routes such as the 1, 2, 2L, 4, 8, 12, & 22. Also, there are bike paths throughout the area allowing for inexpensive tranportation.

For the Secondary effects of the area, crime and property values have drastically changed. As already discussed before, in the 1980s  there was prominent gang violence, today however even thought crime is 141% higher than the national average, it still is safer than 2/3 of cities in Ohio. For property values, they increase West of High and as you approach Clitonville and Italian Village. The crimes at 500 ft were only 1 theft, within 1000 ft there were 13 crimes including assault, motor vehicle theft, robbery and burglary, .25 miles there were 22 crimes, and 113 total crimes.  Weinland Parks Schools in the area, are not the best (2/10 according to Great Schools), and do not have a lot of students.  Finally, housing as we move further from 500 ft, 1000 ft, .25 miles, and .5 miles the properties slowly increase in value from 25k to 90k and beyond. 

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