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FAME Program Archive

To view a complete list of previous FAME sessions and recordings, follow the link above. By default, sessions will appear in order from newest to oldest.

NCH faculty may need to use their Med Center User ID to access the archive (e.g., If you don’t know your ID please call the Medical Center Help Desk at 614-293-HELP.

How to search the FAME Program Archive

TIP 1: Use the “Search” feature at the top of the Program Archive page to search for any keyword, subject, author name, etc.

TIP 2: You can also find sessions by using the filter settings for any column, such as the “Subject/Tag.”

  • First, select the carrot button next to the title of the column you want to filter and choose “Filter By.”

  • Next, click any choices to filter results, and then press “Apply.”

  • Resetting filters can be done by re-opening the column filter and deselecting any options.

Please reach out to for any questions about previous sessions or for any questions about accessing or searching the FAME Program Archive.